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Fresh Aloe | Summer Collection

Fresh Aloe | Summer Collection

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Experience the Fresh Aloe scented candle, a refreshing blend that brings the essence of nature indoors. Top notes of yucca, melon, and prickly pear evoke a crisp, green freshness. Middle notes of lemon and lime add a zesty twist, while base notes of heliotrope and clover provide a subtle floral and earthy undertone. This harmonious combination creates a rejuvenating and soothing aroma, reminiscent of a serene garden after a gentle rain shower.

-All-Natural Soy Wax: Provides a cleaner, eco-friendly burn.
- Reusable Vessel: Perfect for repurposing as a planter, home decor, storage, and more.
- Burn Time: At least 30+ hours of ambient lighting and insect protection.

Vessel Sizes: 

Medium Ceramic Jar- 12oz 

Mini Ceramic Jar- 5.5oz 




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